Lubricators / Systems

Heated lubricator with secondary back-up powertrain providing filtered oil to a multiple divider valve system.
We believe we are unique in our ability to supply lubrication systems in any configuration to match customers’ needs. Our unrivalled twin shaft concept provides a robust lubricator offering hugely reliable performance with long-life.

Each of our systems is designed to match precisely our customers’ requirements. These sometimes exacting standards have resulted in a portfolio of systems which are wide and varied. Wm Coulthard & Co. can offer a truly bespoke service if needed or on the other hand provide units that are somewhat standard, but without standard performance.

Lubricators may be manufactured in carbon or stainless steels and supplied with baseplates, additional oil reservoirs, and any associated framework.

Systems may be self-contained units with motor and gearbox mounted on their own baseplate, or they can be driven by the customers’ equipment with a wide variety of shaft positions and internal gearing.

There are two main operational methods used when providing lubrication.

  • Suction Supply - a vacuum system is used to charge a small mechanical pump providing the lubrication.
  • Pressurised (or gravity feed) system - uses a head of oil in a secondary reservoir to charge the pump for distribution.

Both methods can be designed to have automatic re-filling if needed to reduce the need for frequent intervention.

Delivery of the lubricant can be made to suit every customer, situation or environmental conditions. Delivery may be:

  • Pump-to-Point - directly to each delivery point from each individual pump unit.
  • Series Progressive - via a divider valve system that cycles output to each lubrication point.
  • Combined - a combination of both systems above.

Each of these methods has pros and cons and we would be delighted to discuss the merits of both to ensure you have the best possible designed system for the task needed.

Any flow rate, however small or large, can be achieved utilising the appropriate pump size, gearing, manifolds, or valves. We offer 3 sizes of pump units with plungers being 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16” diameters.

Wm Coulthard offer a variety of monitoring instruments and devices that can help provide remote operation and reduce manual checks, confidently knowing that the lubricant is being delivered timely and with the correct volumes.

All systems meet the recognised standards including API 618 and ATEX.

Spare parts are readily available, as too are an extensive range of ancillaries.

A full refurbishment service to as new condition is provided, with a rapid turnaround if required.