Wm Coulthard & Co. provide the highest quality products and items. All aspects of the business undergo continuous improvement reviews, and every one of our staff have the opportunity to contribute.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality products that meet and sometimes exceed the demands of both our customers and the harsh environments they may operate. Our employees have extensive experience, and coupled with their high skill are able to ensure that all equipment leaving our facilities is fully ready to face the rigours it was designed for. Reviews of how improvements can be made occur regularly and frequently, with all employees having an opportunity to contribute to suggestions and changes.           

Wm Coulthard and Co. Ltd. is a certified ISO 9001 Company (Cert. No. GB02/56583 )

Our team is familiar with popular standards as well as manufacturing to client and end user standards, including:

  • API 610 10th Edition / ISO 13709
  • API 614 5th Edition / ISO 10438
  • API 618 5th Edition / ISO 13707
  • API 661 7th Edition
  • End User Standards:
  • Shell and derivatives (PDO / ADNOC)
  • Saudi Aramco
  • ExxonMobil
  • BP
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Local Regulations, e.g. GOST, MOM, etc